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Have Your Say survey 2023

What did you say about Access Health and Community (AccessHC)? 

We asked you in our first annual Have Your Say Survey. 

You rated on average 7.6 out of 10 how likely you are to recommend AccessHC to your family and friends. 

And 77%of you described us as: 

  • friendly
  • caring
  • supportive
  • knowledgeable.

This is wonderful to hear and a positive outcome for us, but we wanted to do more to respond to your feedback and look at ways to improve our services. 

This is what we are doing:   

Here’s what you said: 

Wait times for appointments are too long. 

Here’s what we’re doing: 

In 2022, we reduced the average wait time for appointments from 38 days to 6 days across some of our services. 

We will continue to improve the way we share information on wait times with you and give you options to help you get the care you need when you need it. 

Here’s what you said: 

You would like more payment options. 

Here’s what we’re doing: 

We have recently introduced TyroGo payment squares as a payment option for care delivered in the community and at home.  

This helps reduce challenges associated with telephone billing or finding cash on the day, and without making lots of phone calls, it helps our customer service team focus on helping face-to-face customers.   

We are currently reviewing our billing and payment processes to improve and streamline the way you pay. 

Here’s what you said: 

You want to know about other services that we have on offer to help your health and wellbeing. 

Here’s what we’re doing: 

We are better linking our services so you can get the care you need, when and where you need it most.  

The person you are seeing today can help to connect you with other services you may benefit from to improve your health and wellbeing. 

Here’s what you said: 

Access to our services and sites for everyone, including people with diverse needs, is a top priority. 

Here’s what we’re doing: 

We will continue to create safe environments for you to be your authentic self.  

Our Diversity and Inclusion Statement helps us make sure that our sites meet the needs of our diverse communities, and that everyone can access our services easily and safely. You can read our statement here.

Here’s what you said: 

We need to increase staffing.

Here’s what we’re doing: 

Unfortunately, many health services are facing staff shortages in Victoria.  

We are working hard to increase staffing, particularly in our GP clinics and Allied Health teams.  

Here’s what you said: 

Some of our services are not affordable. 

Here’s what we’re doing: 

Our services are designed to be affordable for everyone, including those of you experiencing financial hardship.  

We scale our fees so that you pay what you can afford.  

Please speak with your service provider if you are not able to pay for services – we are able to help.    

Here’s what you said: 

You would like us to offer more equipment at our sites, such as ultrasound facilities. 

Here’s what we’re doing: 

We work hard to provide you with the best care for your health and wellbeing.  

This includes referring you to other services in our community when it’s needed.  

We maintain partnerships with other health and wellbeing services to make sure that you receive the care you need.  

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After-hours contacts

For after-hours assistance regarding AccessHC property and security call 0466 501 902.

For after-hours medical care call 132660.

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