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Book an Appointment

AccessHC can provide you with an appointment by a GP and some other health professionals via telehealth

Call us on 03 9810 3000 to book your doctor appointment.

Non-medical appointments

For all other non-medial appointments please call our Intake team on 03 9810 3000. You can also visit one of our locations and speak to the reception staff.


How much is a telehealth appointment?

Any patient who has a Medicare card and who is at risk of COVID-19 infection is eligible for a Medicare funded telephone or video appointment.

All eligible Medicare telephone/video appointments will be bulk billed which means there will be no ‘out of pocket’ expense to you. This also includes:

  • patients with concession cards or aged under 16
  • all patients under treatment for a chronic health condition
  • anyone with an immune deficiency (when your body is less able to fight off infections)
  • pregnant mothers
  • anyone aged 70 and over
  • parents of children under 12 months
  • Indigenous Australian patients aged 50 and over

If you have a Medicare card but don’t meet the above criteria then the cost is $71.20 (you pay the full amount and medicare pays you back $38.20)

If you don’t have a Medicare card, we will need a $40 upfront payment as no Medicare rebate applies.

Please talk to your doctor if you cannot pay your fees. They will bulk bill where possible.

Doctor appointments

  • Our standard appointments are 15 minutes. If you want a longer or special appointment call the centre for a booking.
  • If you need to cancel an appointment please call us on 03 9810 3000 to make the cancellation.
  • If you do not cancel and cannot attend, we may need to charge you a cancellation fee.
  • To book all other services appointment please call the location where the service is offered. If you’re not sure call 03 9810 3000.


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