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Worried about your child? We are here to listen, we know how to help.

An Introduction to our Child and Family Services

Are you looking for more support and guidance for your child? Do you have concerns and worries around their emotional, social and physical development?  Our team in Child and Family Services can help you.

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Occupational Therapy for Children

Our Occupational Therapists work with your child to help them become more independent and skilled in their daily activities. We work closely with you to ensure your child’s goals are achieved.

Read more about Occupational Therapy for Children


Physiotherapy for Children

Our physiotherapists work with you to meet the physical needs of your child. We take a holistic approach so children and their families achieve their goals and accomplish more.

Read more about physiotherapy for children.

Speech Pathology for Children

Our speech pathologists work closely with you to ensure your child’s communication needs are met and goals are achieved.

Read more about speech pathology for children.

Psychology for children

Our psychologists help children and their families work through challenges in a safe and supportive environment. Sessions with young children are often fun and play based. We can provide support and effective strategies for parents.

Read more about psychology for children.

Dietetics for Children

Our dietitians provide a friendly and non-judgmental service for families looking for support with food, eating, health and wellness.

Read more about dietetics for children.

Early Childhood Early Intervention

Early Childhood Early Intervention is a multi disciplinary team here to assist you and your child with developmental delay or disability.

Read more about early childhood early intervention.

Audiology for children

We provide comprehensive hearing assessments and advice regarding the management of any hearing loss.

Read more about audiology for children.


Feeding Clinic for children

Our feeding clinic provides multidisciplinary assessment and support to help children eat, grow and enjoy mealtimes when feeding is the primary concern.

Read more about our feeding clinic.


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