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Let’s hear it for Josh’s Rainbow Eggs!

For over two years, Josh's Rainbow Eggs has been donating 90 dozen fresh eggs to Camcare's Fresh Food Program.

Camcare’s clients have really valued receiving farm fresh eggs every week. They have been a consistent staple that clients have been able to rely on.

During the 2020/2021 COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns, the Fresh Food program was feeding around 120 families each week. Josh’s Rainbow Eggs was significant in supplying enough food to so many clients.


Josh started selling his family’s hens’ free-range eggs in 2009, and now Josh’s Rainbow Eggs sells thousands of dozens of eggs to major supermarkets and independent stores in Victoria. Their hens are kept happy and all eggs are hand-picked.

A massive thank you to Josh’s Rainbow Eggs for caring and supporting our Camcare community with fresh produce.

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