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Speech Pathology for Children

Our speech pathologists work closely with you to ensure your child’s communication needs are met and goals are achieved.

Our speech pathologists provide services for families with children and toddlers who need support with:

  • Speech clarity – production of sounds
  • Language – speaking and listening skills
  • Fluency – stuttering
  • Early literacy – readiness for reading and writing
  • School readiness – readiness to start school
  • Social skills – social interaction and communication.

Speech pathology services for children

Our speech therapy for kids services include:

  • Initial screenings – including team screenings
  • Detailed communication assessments
  • Individual/group therapy programs
  • Consultation and advice for families
  • Group education for parents
  • Training and advice for service providers
  • Home programs
  • Referral to other services if required.

A hearing assessment is always recommended prior to an assessment by speech pathologists. Please refer to our Audiology for Children page.

How to make an appointment for speech pathology services for children

To Make an Appointment/Referral
Call our intake team on 99788698 or Send us an email CFTIntake@accesshc.org.au.

Our Speech Pathology for Children services are available at the following locations:

Fees and payments

We offer subsidised health care as well as support to children funded under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

The cost of services depends on your income level and we will help you access funding you are eligible for.

Ask us how we can help you.

Detailed fee information

We decide fees based on income ranges. Check our income range tables for exact ranges.

Low income: If you are on a low income or if you have a valid health care card there is a $12 fee for your child to see one of our speech pathologists.

Medium income: If you are on a medium income, there is a $18 fee for your child to see one of our speech pathologists.

High income: For families on a high income, please refer to the fee and funding options tables. There are multiple funding options including:

  • Medicare rebates
  • private health insurance rebates
  • Helping Children with Autism (HCWA)
  • NDIS funding under clients’ NDIS plans

Please note that unfortunately we are currently unable to offer fee for service (private) child speech pathology services due to staffing constraints.

7 Samarinda Ave, Ashburton VIC 3147, Australia
10 Rose Street, Box Hill, VIC, 3128, Australia
44 Balmoral Avenue, Templestowe Lower, VIC, 3107, Australia
2 Centre Way, Balwyn North VIC, Australia


While it is true that all children develop at their own pace, we know that there are certain language milestones children reach by a specific age.

By 18 months of age, the majority of children have at least 20 words they can use by themselves. By 2 years of age, children have at least 50 words in their vocabulary. They are also beginning to put two words together into a sentence when talking.

If you think your child is not meeting these language milestones, it’s never too early to seek help. Half of late talkers develop appropriately without any support. However, in some cases being a late talker can be an indicator of other developmental concerns. These may require intervention, so it’s always good to seek advice if you are concerned.

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