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Child and Family Services

Worried about your child? We are here to listen, we know how to help

Are you looking for more support and guidance for your child? Do you have concerns and worries around their emotional, social and physical development?  Our team in Child and Family Services can help you.

Welcome to Child and Family Services

We are a team of professionals who specialise in the development and well-being of children from birth to the age of 12. Our work is based on current research, and over 40 years’ of practical experience. We work closely with your child, your family and your community. We offer practical and realistic solutions that can be easily included in your daily routine.

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We offer a support system around your child and family

Please visit our Child & Family page for our children services.

  • We care about what matters to you and your child. We will listen to you sensitively, we will respect your family’s individual needs and your privacy.
  • We provide a full suite of services from individual therapy through to Early Childhood Early Intervention. You are in control – we will identify, recommend and, with your approval, provide your child with the best therapies, customised to suit their needs and your family’s setting.
  • Depending on your child’s needs, we can deliver therapies in their home, childcare centre or kindergarten. This is possible because we have formed a strong alliance with kindergartens, schools, child care centres and playgroups in your area.
  • We work closely with the professionals that your family is working with, such as GPs, Maternal & Child Health Nurses and educators to benefit your child’s best outcomes.
  • We have a comprehensive understanding of NDIS processes and procedures, and we can help families navigate the system. We can support you in the journey of transition to the NDIS so you can focus on your child’s well-being.
  • Our team can provide one or multiple therapies irrespective of your funding stream. Your child will benefit from working with our dedicated team, sharing the same vision for your child’s future development.

We have a step-by-step plan to help your child

Families often call us after a Maternal & Child Health Nurse or an educator has brought up a concern, or when a parent has noticed something different about their child.

Start early for the best outcome

Research shows that the sooner we start therapies, the better the outcome is for the children.  Call our friendly Access Team on 03 9810 3000, to get started.

Our Child and Family Services services are available at the following locations:

7 Samarinda Ave, Ashburton VIC 3147, Australia
10 Rose Street, Box Hill, VIC, 3128, Australia
44 Balmoral Avenue, Templestowe Lower, VIC, 3107, Australia
2 Centre Way, Balwyn North VIC, Australia

Steps towards a plan for your child

The initial stage is about your history and how you have arrived here.  We begin by understanding you – your family story and what you want for your child.  We also review any previous therapies or health plans that your child may have already undertaken and discuss their outcomes.

We will focus on meeting your child’s immediate needs, by organising the therapies based on your concerns, the NDIS Plan or recommendation from your medical professional.

While we focus on meeting the immediate needs, we can also discuss the next steps you want to take.  For example, you may wish to uncover other areas that child may require support in.

Child development is like a jigsaw puzzle, with the puzzle pieces representing different skills and abilities they need to live a happy life. Together, we will:

  1. identify the right pieces – the key developmental areas your child may require support in
  2. work with you to piece your child’s individual puzzle together, to understand the big picture of how to help them best
  3. formulate the best solutions and prioritise relevant services for your child going forward.

Together, we will create an individualised plan which we will regularly review. Our plan and goals will be customised to your child and family’s needs.  We will map out a timeline around these goals knowing they can always move or change depending on your child’s development or response to the therapy.

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